Sunday, October 27, 2013

I recently attended a meeting between Supervisor Allen of Navajo County, Supervisor Weller of Apache County and myself with Senator Biggs, (Arizona State Senate President) in regards to the Federal Lands Transfer issue. If you remember in the last election one of the propositions was Prop 120 that was to compel the Federal government to relinquish any claim on any lands in the state of Arizona that would be included in the Enabling Documents (the Enabling Documents are the contracts with the United States Government that the Territory of Arizona entered into to create the State of Arizona.) to any of the Un appropriated Public Domain in the state of Arizona. The federal government has not honored this contract. The Attachment has a lot of the basis of the argument that we have for the Federal lands transfer, (prop 120). I believe the reason the prop got voted against is that the good people of Arizona were not educated about this issue. Let me make this clear, Senate President Biggs did not say that he would introduce legislation in the Arizona senate, but he did not say that he is not, at this point opposed to it either. What he talked about is a study commission to look into the important things to consider in favor and against the transfer of public lands issue that will have to be considered by all the parties. Attached is the Bill Howell and Bill Reid power point summary of their book entitled Statehood: The Territorial Imperative. It is the theoretical basis for the federal lands transfer initiative by several states. This power point was presented in Eagar, AZ on 10/3/11 by the two authors.


States Rights...Looks pretty clear to me!!

Payoff for state legislators who voted for Medicaid Expansion..The Yellow Sheet Report recently posted the following article concerning those Republicans who were compensated for their votes on the expansion of Medicaid in Arizona.