Tuesday, June 25, 2013

USFWS Mexican Wolf Plans


  1. I think you should ask to see the endangered species protection in the US Constitution. Or federal land besides Washington DC and Military bases.

  2. The county sheriff has supreme authority, the power needed to stop any unconstitutional actions "at his discretion" in upholding his oath. He can even forbid any officials from coming into his county to seize property, seize bank accounts or levy fines. He can stop federal and state officials from blocking the use of your private property. He can stop forced Federal regulations as well as the unconstitutional federalization of the counties and cities. He can go against the federal government, any federal agency, state and local governments, and the courts when they go AWOL against the United States Constitution with mandates that are unconstitutional. His oath is to the Constitution and not to the others listed above. We have a Constitutional Republic based on the rule of law, centered around the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, not a socialist Republic as we are becoming. (From the book, "They Fired the First Shot 2012)

    In all these years no supervisor has been able to stop this wolf bs. The sheriffs can.

  3. In my opinion the wolf reintroduction program is one of the evil tentacles of the UN Agenda 21. Do they care about the wolf or is it about controlling the people and their God given rights?